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The old days of a “magic black box” that controlled all the HVAC and lighting in a facility are over.  In the early
days of DDC control, sequences were written in a complex programming language that very few HVAC
operating personnel could understand, much less write the code themselves.  Then came along the
simplistic “block” programming logic, simply “connecting the dots” programming.  While this was simple, it
left a lot to be desired when it came to implementing anything but the most elementary control strategies, as
blocks had to be added to blocks and more blocks…..

The Reliable Controls product line, mainstay of our company offerings, features a straightforward
programming and operating technique using a full featured “control Basic”, English formatted programming
code.  Logic is very simple and easy to read, using English language structure such as “If Temp > Setpoint
Then Start Cooling”.  The bottom line, it is as simple as Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say.

We focus on Control Systems that are Native BacNET protocol devices, meaning they communicate on the
latest Industry Standard communications protocol to ensure both present – and future compatibility - of our
customers investments in their Automation System.  

We are also Certified in the open platform Tridium products, based on the Niagara Framework, allowing our
personnel with extensive experience in control systems by many of the major controls suppliers including
Johnson Controls, Honeywell, KMC Controls (Kreuter), and Alerton Controls unique opportunities for
Systems Integration.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower our customers to operate their facility Mechanical and Electrical systems
in the most efficient way possible, by utilizing open protocol systems, or integration with older proprietary
systems, and using straight-forward proven control sequences.
Precision Automation, Inc is a full service
Temperature Controls Contractor serving the HVAC industry in Central Florida.

Our market focus – and our company motto - is
“….empowering people with Technology”.

Our goal is to provide a Building Automation System with all the features and control
strategies needed to maintain comfort AND conserve energy – in a package that is
easily maintained, and even expanded – by the plant operating personnel.