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After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree (Minnesota State 1986) I began my career in the HVAC
controls industry working for the engineering design group of a major OEM supplier to the HVAC industry.  
Beginning with pneumatic controls, evolving to analog electronics and eventually microprocessor based
DDC controls, this background in the actual design of the DDC controls system has proven paramount in
the application of these systems in the “real world”.  In addition, I spent several years with this firm as
the “factory Trainer”, conducting training classes for both dealers and end-users on the programming
and application of their DDC Controls systems both in the US and abroad.

As the millennium approached I reassigned my efforts to applying this HVAC control knowledge in the
contracting world, working as Vice President and branch manager for a Tampa/Orlando based HVAC
mechanical contractor and Automated Building Controls contractor.  Over the years we continually
struggled with the “entanglement” between being a mechanical contractor AND a Building Automation
contractor, as often the two created animosity among other mechanical contractors bidding on plan and
spec work.

After several years in this environment and realizing the inherent challenges of being a Controls
Contractor so closely tied with a Mechanical contractor I stepped out on my own and founded Precision
Automation, Inc.  Although we are indeed a State Certified Mechanical Contractor our market focus is
strictly on the Building Automation Controls portion of the work, typically defined in specification sections
15900 or 230900.  We are proud, however, of our experiences as mechanical contractors, and I have
surrounded myself with staff experienced in the mechanical trades.  It becomes the familiar old saying
that we would rather take an HVAC mechanic and have him apply controls, than to take a computer
wizard and try to teach them the HVAC trade.  We believe this philosophy works well, as we have been
very successful working with the mechanical contractor, engineer, commissioning agents, and ultimately
the plant maintenance personnel to empower them to effectively manage their facilities though the
Energy Management System.

             Bruce Johnson
                                                                                                                          President & Owner
                                                                                                                          Precision Automation, Inc.
Licensed & Insured
State of Florida
CMC 1249694