Precision Automation Inc | Indian River State College

We are a full service TEMPERATURE CONTROLS CONTRACTOR serving the HVAC Industry in Central Florida.

The Reliable Controls product line, mainstay of our company offerings, features a straightforward programming and operating technique using a full featured “Control Basic”, English formatted programming code.  Logic is very simple and easy to read, using English language structure such as “If Temp > Setpoint Then Start Cooling”.  

The bottom line, it is as simple as Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say. We focus on Control Systems that are Native BACnet protocol devices, meaning they communicate on the latest Industry Standard communications protocol to ensure both present – and future compatibility – of our customer’s investments in their Automation System.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower our customers with the knowledge and technology to operate their facility Mechanical and Electrical systems in the most efficient way possible. This can be achieved by utilizing open protocol systems, or integration with older proprietary systems, and using straight-forward proven control sequences,

Since 2006, Precision Automation has installed, commissioned, and/or provided ongoing service in numerous commercial and industrial sites using Reliable Controls Products. In addition, with our Niagara AX Certification and experience with various other control system manufacturers such as Aaron, Trane, Johnson Controls Metasys and Facility Explorer, Honeywell Spyder, Daikin Applied, Daikin VRV Systems and the KMC Controls System, we have a proven track record of installation, service, and integration of these systems as well.